Elsa Steinarsdottir


  • Called up summer 2022 to Team Iceland for European Girls Championship
  • Awarded Tact award from head coach at Leynir golf club in 2022
  • National champion U18 boys’ group only girl in all competitions
  • 9th in women’s championship, first tournament playing 80 82 75
  • Made cut in women’s championship summer ’22 playing 82 79 79
  • Club champion Leynir golf club in women’s group in 2021
  • Placed 2nd in her first women’s national championship in 201 9
  • Won first youth golf tournament competed in 2018
  • Was in gymnastics from age 4 to 15
  • Played soccer from 4 to 12 yrs. old, started playing golf at 12
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  • One of the most promising talents in women’s golf in Iceland
  • As seen in her results and competition track record in 2021 and 2022, has improved enormously each year
  • Has a high ceiling in improving her game further in college
  • Has been building physical and mental strength for the last year
  • Working with sports psychologist which has turned out well on the mental side of the game better emotional control as a result
  • Personal traits = mental strength, hard worker, focused and patient
  • Goals for summer 2023: Better control in long distance game, further improvement in the short game, continue improving emotionally
  • Plan is to compete in Europe in summer 2023


  • Coached kids at the Leynir golf club for the last for 4 summers will coordinate and manage the training for summer 2023.
  • Coach on Elsa for Tact award: Elsa is dedicated and mentally tough and always wants to improve. Elsa was selected for the Icelandic National team leading up t o the women’s European Cup in June. Other coaches and the golf community notices her impressive progress as a golfer. Elsa competed with both the men’s team and women’s team in the club competition in 2022. She did not loose once over the course of the summer in the U18 women’s club competition which shows her positive trajectory.
  • Email: elsamaren@gmail.com – Mobile: +354 848 4194


Coach: Ms. Valdis Jonsdottir – Tel.: +354 849-3732 – Email: valdis@leynir.is