The process

We facilitate and provide service to prospective student athletes in basketball, golf, soccer, track & field, tennis and volleyball.

For the prospective student athlete the process is as follows:


Registration - Start of process

Athlete completes registration by filling out the registration form on this website. It is important that the athlete provides as complete information as possible. The athlete will receive a reply confirmation and information on next steps. For questions, enquires please contact us via chat on this site or email to

Evaluate / Complete registration

ANSAathletics receives registration and evaluates athletes performance and potential for a student athlete scholarship. The registration is finalized by receiving complete information from the athlete for his/her profile before being registered on ANSAathletics list of athletes.

Official search starts

Official search for a college that matches athletes skill level and ambition. The timeframe needed for the search varies between athletes and different sports. The goal is to have a few options for the athlete to consider and select from as the outcome of the process.

Selection process

When universities have shown interest the athlete needs to consider the athletics, the academics as well as other factors like focus in coaching, campus facilities and services offered among other things.

Closure - Feedback

The athlete signs letter of intent with the university in question. As a part of the focus on continuous improvement, ANSAathletics works on receiving feedback from the athlete and his/her family on the process to improve the service and the overall process.