Becoming a student athlete in the US

The university system in the US is very diverse and one of the most vibrant academic system in the world. Athletically there are almost 400 division 1 schools as part of the NCCA. There are 300 schools that compete in division 2. Then there are also more than 400 division 3 schools. Universities and colleges that compete in d1 and d2 offer a student athlete scholarships to outstanding athletes. Some d2 schools offer partial scholarships, for example 60% or 80% scholarships, where the student athlete pays 20 to 40% of the tuition. The scholarship is for one year. The student athlete can receive a full-ride scholarship the next year or the year after based on performance.

Division 3 schools do not offer scholarships. The d3 universities do recruit players much like d1 and d2 and do invest and put effort into athletics but do not offer scholarships. Attending a d3 school is worth considering for athletes that do not meet the criteria to play at d1 or d2. Showing good performance at a d3 competition can mean the student athlete can register for the transfer portal, aim to transfer to another d1 or d2 school which offer a scholarship.

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Obviously, academics is a critical part of becoming a student athlete. Grades and test results from TOEFL and SAT exams weighs heavily for most schools when recruiting athletes. The criteria for schools varies considerably but having good grades and strong entry test results opens more doors for the athlete. To apply at ANSAathletics as a student athlete, please fill out the registration form under Registration.

For prospective student athletes we encourage them to look up universities to view the campus area, the academic programs along with the athletics. This will give the athlete a better idea of what to expect and seeing the facilities offered at the university. You can also look at the ANSAathletics Facebook to see the answers to the five questions from former student athletes that reflect on their respective college careers.

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